BSB Christmas Ornaments
This Christmas season, the We're Standing Strong Campaign and the Fan Fundraising Effort invite you to take part in a unique Christmas Ornament Fundraiser to benefit all 5 official Backstreet Boys charities. The Christmas ornament packages being offered represent three important aspects of the Backstreet Boys: the BSB charities that hold the hearts of all the Boys, the BSB music that has brought us all together, and the BSB Buddies that we have made thanks to the Boys.

Prizes are abundant for this fundraiser with 7 grand prize packages available to be won. Grand prize packages currently include Nick, Brian, Kevin and Fatima Robinson autographs, along with one-of-a-kind AJ and Howie sketches. In addition, two prize packages are being offered each month of the project to encourage fan participation. These monthly incentive prizes include truly rare and unique BSB items.

The Christmas ornaments are a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season with the Boys in mind. Not only will they be a fun addition to your own Christmas tree, but they also make great gifts for all your BSB buddies. By supporting the official Backstreet Boys charities, you are not only showing support to the Boys, but are also helping their charities continue to make a difference in the world.

Submit your orders early to ensure that you receive your ornaments in time for Christmas! Many different package options are available to encourage all fans to take part.

As an added bonus, all those who take part in this project will have the opportunity to be included in the "We're Standing Strong Declaration."

For more information and project details, please visit: http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/nickscharity

The Grand Prize draw will take place on December 31st, 2003.

Source: BackstreetNews

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NBA Celebrity Game News
It's Opening Night and the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Electronics are bringing you an All-Star lineup of entertainment for the entire family! Following the Hawks home opener against future Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, Jermaine O'Neal and the rest of the Indiana Pacers, the NBA Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game will hit the Philips Arena floor. Reserve your tickets now, you won't want to miss this special event!

Ever wonder what kind of basketball skills celebrities really have? Can they hoop as well as they act, sing or dance? You be the judge! After the Hawks - Pacers showdown, hang around to see your favorite music, television and movie stars shoot hoops on the hardwood. Ever wonder if Coolio can hit the 3? Think Larenz Tate can shake and bake? Is Dean Cain as athletic as his alter ego? Find out for yourself when Hollywood's best go head-to-head in the NBA Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game immediately following the Hawks-Pacers on November 1st.

NBA Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game Roster (* subject to change)
Coolio - Grammy-Award Winning Rapper
Morris Chestnut - "Like Mike," Two Can Play That Game," "The Brothers," "Best Man"
Frankie Muniz - "Malcolm in the Middle," "Agent Cody Banks"
Bill Bellamy - "Fastlane," "The Brothers"
Dean Cain - "Lois and Clark"
Larenz Tate - "A Man Apart," "Why do Fools Fall in Love," "Dead Presidents"
Nick Carter - "The Backstreet Boys"
Brian Littrell - "The Backstreet Boys"
Dan Miller - "O-Town"
Trevor Penick - "O-Town"
Donald Faison - "Scrubs," "Remember the Titans," "Felicity," "Clueless"
Simon Rex - "Jack and Jill," "What I Like About You," "Felicity," "Scary Movie 3"
Tank - R&B Artist
Lil Zane - Rapper
Jermaine Dupri - Grammy Winning Hip-Hop Artist
Flex Alexander - star of show "One on One"
Roger Lodge - host of "Blind Date"

You don't have to get hit on the head with a ball to see stars...purchase your tickets for the Atlanta Hawks Opening Night now!

Individual Tickets ( http://www.nba.com/hawks/tickets/Hawks_Single_Game_Ticket_Infor-65450-33.html )
Chick-fil-A Family Night package ( )


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The invincible band
The invincible band

Travis' fourth album 12 Memories was conceived on the Scottish island of Mull where the band had retreated after its drummer suffered a serious spine injury

By Tommy Wee


FRAN HEALY has become a reliable reference for new fashion and cultural trends. Life! highlights some things you should know about Travis' pixie-faced singer:


While other indie bands eagerly name drop 'serious' bands like the Beta Band, Black Flag or even Blur as influences, Healy openly declares his love for boybands and even Britney Spears.

He said: 'The Backstreet Boys are great. Hands up. I love them. There's this guy called Max Martin who just sits and bangs out these absolutely amazing songs for Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. You know that song, I Want It That Way? I love that one. They just sing it, splash it out the way it should be sung. There's no ego involved.'


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Cafe Central-Atlanta Heroes (Brian) - online RIGHT NOW!

On the preview of today's show, they had clips of James Brown (who was an honoree at the event), and possible other guests

It's over ... Not much of Brian or Leighanne

It came on 14 mins into show and ran about 4 minutes. Quick (silent) clip of Brian and Leighanne at the beginning of the segment as the narrator mentioned they were the Show's MC's.

Today was the first time it aired for the upcoming week. If you want to see it when it repeats, here is the schedule (all times EDT) from the show's website:

Sun 1:30pm

Mon 9:30am
*misha's note: last Monday the show aired at 9:00AM EDT*

Tues 10:00pm
*misha's note: a couple of weeks ago it aired at 11:00PM EDT*

Wed 4:00pm

Fri 9:30am

Best to start viewing 30 minutes early and keep the channel online for up to an hour later if the show doesn't come on when it's scheduled.

*added later* The last segment on this episode was about "DragconConn". There was a segment about it on last week's episode, but I don't remember if it was the same material or new stuff. Best to watch the show for the next few weeks to see if they repeat the "Heroes" segment, and see if they change the material.

Source: BackstreetNews

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to LEAH of Kristin ......{fans]?
Brian Littrell Fans 2003-10-11 17:23:03 Delete
Yo - Leah before you start crashing in on other people get your --sources strait. I didn't take anything of this from LITTRELL FANS!!! It may be number uno to you , but I have e-mail that send's notices to me! And if there are sources I give them otherwise. ITS not credited to Annie. She does a wonderful job with her site. It doesn't mean I can make a website as well. You may bicker all you want and tell me I am a looser and a Liar, but get this strait. If you don't like this site. keep away. Obviously you have no respect. and the name wasn't added before LITTRELL FANS anyway. and just so you know. I have had this fansite up for many years. longer than littrell fans. brian littrell world. or a whole other bunch of bigshot sites. I just don't have money to buy names and keep them for ever. Annie - no offense to you .. I love Littrell Fans. Com...

For other Fans---- this is a fansite. and if you want to come here to help support Brian. then do. If you have any cruel Coments please keep them to your self.

owh yah one more thing LEAH--- your's I was informed is named FANs something as well. I suggest you stop breathing down my back. cuase you are just digging yourself a deep hole!

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______________Backstreet News/ Take it or Leave It___________
Just as all the Backstreet Boys pursue their various solo projects,
so do their mothers — and strangely enough, at least two of them are
penning books about what it's like to be phenom moms. A.J.'s McLean's
mother, Denise, is getting set to publish "Backstreet Mom," due in
December, and Nick Carter's mom, Jane, is working on the similarly
titled "BSB's Mom," due early next year. Though she's previously
written bios on her sons Nick and Aaron ("The Heart and Soul of Nick
Carter" and "Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop"), this time,
Jane Carter is focusing on her own life, including what she alleges
to be "constant physical and emotional abuse" from the boys' father,
Bob, who was arrested for domestic abuse this summer.

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BSB mentioned in US News article about Iraq
Nation & World 10/13/03
Baghdad Confidential
By Bay Fang

Is the United States headed toward success or quagmire? As she wraps
up a six-week assignment in Iraq, U.S. News Senior Editor Bay Fang
looks at what is going right and what isn't

I had dinner with an Iraqi family the other night at a packed
restaurant called Saysaban. We sat under the tall date palms and
inhaled strawberry-flavored tobacco smoke from water pipes as
children scampered across the lawn. Amer and his cousin told
animated stories about smuggling oil machinery parts into the
country under Saddam Hussein's regime, and their wives asked me
about the Backstreet Boys. This was the first time they were all
going out together since the women and children had cloistered
themselves at home for almost five months. "We used to all stay out
until 1 or 2 in the morning," Amer's wife, Najwan, reminisced, but
that was before the war and its chaotic aftermath of theft,
kidnappings, and carjackings. Now, the sense is that the U.S.-led
coalition is restoring order--though, perhaps, at the expense of
hearts and minds. "It's not so bad now," says Amer, "but it's still
an occupation."


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Brian & Nick To Play In NBA Entertainment Celebrity Slam
Source: NBA.com

The Hawks plan to offer a variety of free post-game entertainment options throughout the season. Following the home opener against the Indiana Pacers, NBA Entertainment Celebrity Slam will make a stop at Philips Arena for a game. Actors Frankie Muniz from TVs Malcolm in the Middle, Morris Chestnut of feature films like "Two Can Play That Game" and "Best Man", Bill Bellamy (The Brothers and TVs Fastlane), former Lois and Clark star and current host of Ripley's Believe It or Not Dean Cain, and Larenz Tate of "A Man Apart" and "Dead Presidents"; musical performers Nick Carter and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys; and supermodel Tyson Beckford are slated to play.

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walking on eggshells

Ever since Rok On has come into play or Littrells.org some fans have felt like they are walking on Egg shells.

People have complaints about naming this almost the same. or taking material. For everyones sake its fans who want to show support. Please if you feel this name is somehow offensive in some fashion direct your comments by e-mail, but let me tell everyone something really fast. you know those pictures. they don't belong to anyone. except for the one guy upstairs. so all this buis about people taking names. THIS IS AMERICA. man you'd think that people would learn. and people in EUROPE succumb to the reality that freedom of speech means anyone can put anything into anywhere. with-in reason. I see no bounds I have crossed, and who is to say its not orrigonal, who said other names were origonal, they may have been the first to say it in this life. but believe me there's someone else before who knew all about it.

Anyway- after I have had to explain my actions to those few who feel its tramitizing to have one signle word coppied. which it is not, this is the first real update.

owh and a word for Ali- random-hearts.com

post your complaints here. not on her site. deal with me not her.

a fellow. respective fan. kara

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Baylee Littrell:
Baylee did his first steps isnīt that cute ...

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